Please provide details below to gain access to all relevant information regarding participation in the 2024 AWEI Employee survey.

If your organisation operates more than one area, and you feel it would be advantageous for you to be able to separate the responses of employees in these different areas (for instance your organisation operates in both 'manufacturing' and 'retail') you may request more than one survey link. Please ensure that when you fill out the 'organisation' field, you clarify that each link is for a different area of your organisation.

E.g. ACON- Health Services, ACON - Diversity Services

NOTE: Completing this expression of interest is not a commitment to participate in the survey. However, if you decide not to proceed, please let us know.

* Your Pronouns

Per ACON’s Pride Inclusion Programs' Research Data Security Policy (which will be supplied), participating organisation's will receive their data at summary level if sufficient responses are received. If the organisation receives sufficient responses, they will also be provided de-identified line-by-line data.

It should be noted that this is confidential employee information; while de-identified, some populations will be small when multiple filters are applied, e.g., location, age, gender, gender experience, etc. Therefore, it is recommended that organisations also ensure their own internal data sharing protocols are applied to maximise anonymity of respondents.

Please provide the name and contact details of your Senior HR person. Survey results will be sent to this person:

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