1) How would you rate your experience with Supported Employment?
2) How would you rate your experience working with Stand Up?
3) How effectively did Stand Up, Inc. staff explain the services we provide?
(i.e. Levels of support that can be expected, length of time that support will be given, fading process etc.)
4) How would you rate the job done by Stand Up Job Coaches?
5) Were you satisfied that adequate training and support was given to your new employee when they started working for your company?
6) Are you satisfied that adequate support is currently being given to your employee(s) to do the job you hired them to do?
7) Do you know how to get in touch with your employee's Job Coach should an issue arise?
8) Would you consider hiring another person with a disability should you need to fill a position?
9) Would you give Stand Up, Inc. an opportunity to help you fill a future job opening you may have?
10) Would you allow Stand Up to conduct Assessments at your business to assess job seekers skills and abilities?
11) Would you recommend Stand Up, Inc. to other business owners?
12) Would you like more information from Stand Up, Inc. regarding: (check all that apply)
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