Vendor/Service Provider Information:
Stand Up, Inc.
PO Box 10312 Lynchburg, VA 24506

This information is being gathered in order to measure ourselves as a vendor to the community. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. We hope our service to you improves in the future by using the information gathered in this survey. Thank you for your time and continued support.
1. How well has your job coach listened to your needs and concerns?
2. How closely does your job match your job goals?
3. How was your job training with your job coach?
4. How comfortable are you in your work environment?
5. Do you like your job?
6. Does your job coach return your phone calls within 24 hours?
7. How satisfied are you with your job coach?
8. How do you feel about the services provided by Stand Up?
9. How would you rate your level of satisfaction with Stand Up overall?
10. Do you wish to speak with a representative of Stand Up?
11. Could Stand Up offer any other services that would benefit you?
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