You are invited to take part in this survey.

This survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

The survey is confidential. Only aggregated summary data will be shared with the Department. Any specific information about you and your service that you provide will not be shared with the Department.

Please know that answering this survey means that you consent to participate and for your data to be used in this evaluation.

What is the aim/purpose of the evaluation?

The Victorian Department of Education and Training (the Department) has asked Urbis to evaluate the online Transition Learning and Development Statement (TLDS) and other assessment tools and practices that support the continuity of children’s learning as they transition from kindergarten to school.

The tools we are looking at include:

• the Transition Learning and Development Statement (TLDS)
• Early Abilities Based Learning and Education Support (Early ABLES)
• Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) for children placed in out-of-home care (OoHC)
• the newly developed Early Years Assessment and Learning Tool (EYALT) for kindergarten services who have been piloting it in 2021.

The aim of this evaluation is to see what is working well, not so well, and if any changes are needed to better support effective information sharing between early childhood teachers and Foundation teachers to support children’s continuity of learning when they transition from kindergarten to school.

As this survey is being advertised on multiple channels, please only complete it once.

Who should take part in the survey?
We are seeking the views of service leaders and early childhood teachers, as well as Diploma-qualified educators with an exemption to teach a kindergarten program.

Can I assist in any other way?
If you want, you can also participate in a focus group with other teachers about your experience with the TLDS and other tools that support children as they transition to school. The focus groups will examine in more detail the TLDS and other tools, including how they’re used for different groups of children (e.g., children placed in out-of-home care (OoHC), children with a disability and/or developmental delay, Koorie children, and children from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds).

To volunteer, a link is provided at the end of this survey. This link will take you to a new (separate) survey to provide your contact details. This ensures your contact details are separate from your responses.

Who is Urbis?
Urbis is an independent research organisation who specialises in undertaking research and evaluation projects for government and non-for-profits. We have experience conducting research in the education sector.

Do I have to take part?
Your participation is voluntary. You don’t have to complete this survey if you don’t want to. Nothing will happen if you decide you don’t want to complete it. It’s okay if you decide you want to skip a question or if you decide you don’t want to keep going with the survey.

This is not an evaluation of you. We want to hear your thoughts about these tools.

As this survey is confidential, no one other than Urbis will know you participated, including your workplace.

Are there any benefits of taking part?
This evaluation will contribute to the Department’s understanding of what information is most beneficial to share between early childhood teachers and foundation teachers to support the continuity of a child’s learning as they transition to school. The findings will inform the current transition process within Victoria.

What are the possible risks to taking part?
As this survey is confidential, no one other than Urbis will know you participated, including your workplace.

The survey aims to seek your general views about assessment practices that support children to have a positive start to school. They are not personal in nature. In the unlikely event that these questions cause a negative reaction, please talk to someone from your Employee Assistance Program. You can also contact Beyond Blue (ph. 1300 22 4636), Blue Knot Foundation (ph. 1300 657 380), and Lifeline (ph. 13 11 14). Furthermore, Head to Health ( is a great resource to know.

If I complete this survey, can I change my mind later?
This survey is running until 17 December 2021. You can withdraw your answers up to Friday January 7, 2022 (or three weeks after the survey closes).

To withdraw your answers, you will need to contact us and let us know the name and address of your service, as well as the approximate date and time you finished the survey. Other information such as your years of service and qualification may also be helpful to help us find your response.

Please be aware that if too many responses are collected from one location, it may be impossible to identify your response and delete it.

Can I get a copy of the results?
The reporting for this evaluation, including the results from this survey, will be finished in mid-2022.

The Department will publish and circulate the summary.

Where can I go for further information or if I have questions?
Please contact Dr Alannah Burgess, Senior Consultant Urbis, on +61 3 8663 4950 or at

You can also contact the Assessment for Learning Team, Early Learning Division, Department of Education and Training, at

Thank you for your participation and support.
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