Vendor Information:
Organization Name: Stand Up, Inc.
Address: P. O. Box 10312 Lynchburg, VA 24506
Phone: 434-316-7140
Case Manager/Counselor Information
Use of Information:
This Information is being gathered in order to measure ourselves as a vendor to the community. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. We hope to service you better in the future by using the results of our survey.

Thank You For Your Time And Continued Support Of Stand Up, Inc.
1) Does Stand Up, Inc. present your clients with factual information?
2) Does Stand Up, Inc. answer questions & concerns about their services clearly to your clients?
3) Was Stand Up, Inc. representative friendly, courteous, neat & clean?
4) Did our staff members assist you in a timely manner when called upon?
5) Are your clients receiving the services & assistance detailed during our presentation to you?
6) Do you feel your clients are performing satisfactory (if employed)?
7) How would you rate your level of satisfaction with Stand Up, Inc.'s services?
8) Has Stand Up, Inc.'s reports and billings been timely and accurate?
9) Do you wish to meet with a representative from Stand Up, Inc.?
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